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Insite National Bank

Agricultural Lending

We understand that operating your farm is more than a full time job. That's why our agricultural lenders will visit your farm to discuss your needs. Whether they be loan, or you’re in the market for real estate in the country. Our knowledgeable and local lenders understand the industry and can fit you with the right options for your farm's needs.

Your options are endless! Many farm owners work with us on the following types of farm loans:

Type Features
Operating Lines Revolving:
A revolving line of credit lets you borrow money from your operating loan account repeatedly as you pay back the balance that you owe. Use online banking to view your account. Contact your lender in person or by telephone to access your operating loan funds.

A non-revolving line of credit is a one-time-use loan that provides a set limit of funds to borrow as you need them. The line of credit typically lasts for one year and is a one-time-use loan.
Agricultural Mortgages We understand it's important to keep your farm operation growing year over year. Our experienced and knowledgeable lenders will visit your farm to discuss the right financial solutions to keep your farm growing. Our Ag Real Estate programs can feature:

  • Competitive rates
  • Fixed and variable rates and terms
  • Low closing costs
  • No monthly service charges
Livestock Your needs vary from year to year. From breeding livestock to inventory livestock, Integrity Bank Plus offers loans with flexible terms to fit any size operation.

Whether you're looking to start, grow, restock your feedlot or diversify your operation, Integrity Bank Plus offers flexibility to fit your needs with our livestock loans. Gain insight into the financing package that will work best for your operation by talking to knowledgeable lenders.
Machinery Financing or refinancing your new or used equipment with Integrity Bank Plus has never been easier! Our loans are designed to get you the equipment you need now so your farm can continue to run smoothly. We offer competitive rates on financing for new or used farm equipment for operations of all sizes.
Special Farm Programs In situations where typical farm and agricultural loans don't apply, we offer a variety of specialty financing programs through state and local governments. As a FSA Lender, we offer a full suite of FSA solutions to help farmers, and agricultural operations in our region thrive.

Farm Service Agency (FSA) | Rural Finance Authority (RFA) | Farmer Mac

Contact us today at 507-342-5111 or 507-859-2151 to find out how to apply for a loan.