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Insite National Bank

Mobile Deposit

Bank when and where you want with Mobile Deposit. All you need is a web-enabled phone or tablet with a camera using the Integrity Bank Plus Mobile Banking App. Making a deposit is as easy as taking a picture. Checks must be properly endorsed. Message and data rates may apply.

Getting Started

  • Launch your app and select "Deposit"
  • Select the account to deposit the check into and type in the amount
  • Snap a well-lit picture of both sides of your endorsed check
  • Confirm your deposit and you're done


To avoid any disruption in service, and your checks being rejected, sign the back of your check with your signature. You must endorse the back of the check with "For Mobile Deposit Only at Integrity Bank Plus" under your signature.

Note: Treasury Checks cannot be deposited via Mobile Deposit.

If you deposit these items, then your deposit will be voided and not credited to your account. We will email you if this situation occurs on your account. You may bring the Treasury Checks into our branch locations.

Having trouble? Click the button below for Helpful Hints.

Helpful Hints

Mobile Deposit Tips

  1. High-quality photos of the check are the best way to make Mobile Deposit quick and easy.
  2. Make sure to have good lighting and a dark background.
  3. Only check should be visible, no other objects or edges.
  4. The check needs to be entirely in the frame.
  5. The larger the check appears in the picture, the more likely that Mobile Deposit will verify it.
  6. Remember to sign the back of the check and endorse it properly.
  7. Funds deposited from your phone may not be immediately available.