Kasasa Protect

Keep your sensitive information yours and yours alone.*

Stay ahead of fraud with Kasasa Protect™ — comprehensive and affordable protection that acts like a bodyguard for your financial and personal information.

This one-stop fraud protection solution includes 24/7 credit monitoring, lost wallet protection, identity restoration services, and more. Activate Kasasa Protect today for greater peace of mind.

Add Kasasa Protect to your checking account for $9.99 per month — or only $7.99 per month for our Kasasa® checking account holders!


Activate Kasasa Protect in minutes

Upon enrollment, Kasasa Protect starts working immediately. However, be sure to log in and verify your identity so that you can get the most value out of this service. Just check your email for your activation link or visit

Service Details

Add Kasasa Protect to receive around-the-clock coverage from every angle:

24/7 Credit Monitoring

Credit Reporting

Monthly Credit Score & Tracker

Dark Web Monitoring

Lost Wallet Protection

Identity Restoration

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